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Question: What is Chicola Organic Fertiliser?

Answer: It is organic fertilizer that is processed from droppings from layers (chickens) with no chemical supplements. It is natural and it comes in a solid state in a form called pellets.

Q: What is the main reason for me to start using organic fertiliser?

A: There are many ecological, agricultural, economic and social reasons. But we would point out the fact that our organic fertiliser is natural and therefore it feeds both the microorganisms in the soil and provides nutrients for the plants. It is a soil conditioner and fertiliser. Note that poultry fertiliser has the highest amount of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potasium, which are mainly responsible for healthy plant growth.

Q: What is the  main difference between organic fertilisers and chemical fertilisers?  

A: Many organic materials serve both as fertilisers and soil conditioners/booster: they feed the soil and the plants. This is one of the most important differences between a chemical approach and an organic approach toward soil care and fertilising. Soluble chemical fertilisers contain mineral salts that plant roots can absorb quickly. However, they do not provide a food source for soil microorganisms and earthworms. Over time, soils treated only with synthetic chemical fertilizers lose organic matter and the living organisms that help to build a quality soil.

Therefore using organic fertilizers has a positive impact on water pollution, soil erosion, soil structure and water retention capacity and fertility.

Q: Does your fertiliser smell like raw chicken manure? 

A: No. The manure has been processed so the smell has been reduced significantly. 

Q: How much is your fertiliser per bag? 

 A: 50kg bag is K100, 25kg is K60, 10kg is K35, and 5kg is K20. We deliver within Lusaka at a minimal cost.

Q: How much do you apply for maize? 

A: It should be about 30grams per spot.  

Q: How much should I apply for my tomatoes? 

 A: We recommend 100 grams per square meter but you might even use 40% less of the recommended rate.

Q: How long does it take for it to start working? 

A: It needs sufficient moisture for it to dissolve and the effects should be between 3 - 7 days. 

Q: Where are you located and how can I contact you? 

A: We are located in Woodlands in Nsumbu road, office no. 28, opposite Lusaka Trust Hospital in Lusaka.

 Q: How can I get your fertiliser if I am outside Lusaka? 

A: Please get in touch with us we will arrange for delivery from Lusaka. We intend to open outlets outside Lusaka very soon.

Q: Can I use your fertiliser for flowers and lawns? 

A: Definitely. Yes you can and you should. 

Q: Is your fertilizer good for growing fruit trees? 

A: Yes it is. 

Q: Do you have organic fertiliser in liquid form? 

A: Organic fertiliser in liquid form is not yet available. 

Q: Do you have organic fertilizer specific for each crop? 

A: Our organic fertiliser is not crop specific but suitable for various crops. It is only the application that varies from crop to crop.

Q: For potted plants, what is the correct application?

A: A handful or two and the soil should be airletted.

Q: How many bags will I need for growing maize in a 5 hectare piece of land?

A: 50 bags of 50kgs.

Q: What is the application rate for different crops?

A: Vegetables.....200gm/m










Q: Can your organic fertiliser be applied at all planting stages?

A; Yes. However, Chicola Organic Fertiliser is primarily for basal application.

Q: Why does your fertiliser need water/moisture?

A: Chicola Organic fertiliser is available in a dry form called pellets. It therefore needs moisture/water for it to break down.

Q: What is the optimal storage condition

A: Our fertiliser, being a dry fertiliser, should be stored in a dry environment. Although it is not poisonous, it is advisable to keep away from children and pets